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There are times when a parent will wish to move their lives and the lives of their children. Whether it be for an employment opportunity, or to be closer to extended family and friends, any time a relocation involves divorced parents and children, there are several different potential legal issues pertaining to child custody and visitation at stake.

At The Law Office of Peter J. Bronzino, we have helped many parents across Spring Lake, Toms River, Point Pleasant, Brick, and Ocean County to both legally relocate their children, as well as help parents regain child custody and visitation rights when their children have been relocated without legal permission.

Relocation of a Parent with Sole or Primary Child Custody in New Jersey

For a parent with sole or primary physical custody of the child or children in question to legally relocate out-of-state or a significant distance away from the other parent, the relocating parent must prove that the move is “in good faith”. This means that the move is not being done in order to limit the visitation time and rights of the other parent.

Traditionally, family courts have accepted the following reasons for a parent with sole or primary child custody to relocate:

  • A new job or employment opportunity in the new location
  • Relocating in order to be closer to extended family
  • Relocating to provide the children with better educational opportunities

Before the relocation can legally take place, a family court will review a parent’s motives for relocating, and that same parent and their Ocean County child relocation attorney must present a realistic plan for the other parent to maintain visitation time with the children. Remember, family courts are of the opinion that children should maintain a relationship with both of their parents, so a relocating parent must account for this possibility after their move.

If you are a non-custodial parent facing a child relocation petition, you and your Brick child custody attorney may wish to contest the “good faith” motives of the custodial parent if you believe you have reason to. You may also wish to ensure that any new visitation plan presented is realistic, and provides you with the ability to still maintain a relationship with your children.

Relocation of a Parent with Joint Custody Ocean County Child Relocation Attorney

While family courts favor the rights of a parent with sole custody during relocation decisions, it is much more difficult for a parent with joint custody to legally relocate with their children. Before any relocation can occur, the relocating parent and their Ocean County child relocation attorney will need to petition the courts to obtain permission to relocate. The other parent will be given notice of the petition, and an opportunity to object to the relocation should they choose to do so.

If an objection is filed, a full court hearing and review will become necessary, after which the courts will appoint one parent as the primary custodial parent with whom the children will live. Clearly, this court decision will have a great impact on the family, the children, and their lives moving forward. It is critical that a parent undergoing such a process retains experienced Ocean County child relocation representation in order to help them present the best possible case to the courts, and ensure their parental rights are protected.

What an Ocean County Child Relocation Court Will Consider

Similar to child custody hearings, a court facing a child relocation petition from a parent with joint physical custody will consider a number of factors when deciding which parent have primary custody after the move.

Remember, family courts will always place the needs and interests of the children involved ahead of those of the parents, and will rule accordingly. Some of the many factors an Ocean County child relocation court will consider are:

  • The ability of the child to maintain a relationship with the other parent after the move
  • Educational opportunities for the child in both potential locations
  • If the child has special needs or abilities which can be supported in either location
  • The child’s relationship with extended family after a move
  • The child’s personal preferences (if the child is of sufficient age and maturity)
  • Whether the parent who is not relocating might also be able to relocate in order to maintain their relationship with their child

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At The Law Office of Peter J. Bronzino, we have helped many parents to successfully resolve child relocation disputes across Spring Lake, Toms River, Point Pleasant, Jackson, and the greater Ocean County area.

We understand exactly how important your children, their future, and your relationship with them are, and we are prepared to help you present the best possible case to any family court.

Our smaller size allows us to develop personal and attentive relationships with our clients, while charging fair and reasonable rates for our services. Attorney Peter J. Bronzino believes that by keeping his clients informed and involved throughout the legal process, he can better secure them the resolution of any legal matter including child custody and relocation matters that they need and deserve.

To schedule a free and confidential consultation with our firm today regarding your child relocation or child custody and visitation issue, please contact us today or through our Brick, NJ office at (732) 812-3102.

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