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Ocean County NJ Child Relocation Attorney

There are times when the custodial parent wants to move their child or children out of the State of New Jersey. To do so, the custodial parent must either receive express consent from the non-custodial parent or an Order from a New Jersey Family Court Judge.

Child Relocation Authorization Brick NJ

To receive an Order from the Court authorizing the relocation, the custodial parent must offer a good faith reason for the move. It is important that the good faith reason does not interfere with the best interest of the children and also does not interfere with the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent. The initial burden is on the party making the child removal application. In making its analysis on whether or not a child should be relocated from the State of New Jersey, the Court will consider the following factors:

  •  the reasons given for the move;
  • the reasons given for the opposition;
  • the past history of dealings between the parties insofar as it bears on the reasons advanced by both parties for supporting and opposing the move;
  • whether the child will receive educational, health and leisure opportunities at least equal to what is available here;
  • any special needs or talents of the child that require accommodation and whether such accommodation or its equivalent is available in the new location;
  • whether a visitation and communication schedule can be developed that will allow the noncustodial parent to maintain a full and continuous relationship with the child;
  • the likelihood that the custodial parent will continue to foster the child’s relationship with the noncustodial parent if the move is allowed;
  • the effect of the move on extended family relationships here and in the new location;
  • if the child is of age, his or her preference;
  • whether the child is entering his or her senior year in high school at which point he or she should generally not be moved until graduation without his or her consent;
  • whether the noncustodial parent has the ability to relocate; and
  • any other factor bearing on the child’s interest.

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New Jersey child relocation applications are extremely fact sensitive. Often, a full plenary hearing is required in child removal cases. At The Law Office of Peter J. Bronzino, LLC, we can help you with your child relocation application. Likewise, we can also help you defend against a relocation application to keep your children in New Jersey.

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